Check out our amazing range of free activities!

Art wall

Get creative with our new art wall, located next to the musical play park. Gifted by the Friends of Netherurd, our art wall is the ideal spot to use your imagination. Create magnetic masterpieces with our wide range of sticky shapes and once you’ve got your work of art looking picture perfect make sure to snap a photo! We’d love to see your works of art – share them with us on Twitter by tagging @GirlguidingScot and on the Netherurd Facebook page.

Butterfly Trail

A fun activity for all ages to enjoy!

Using our identification charts which are available at the front office of the house, the trail can be used as a team challenge with time penalties or groups can explore the woodlands to see how many butterflies they can spot.

There are fixed large butterflies around the grounds which can be identified from the charts. Just tick off the ones you find as you go along but look out for the imposters and don’t forget to pose with the big fairy wings before you go!

The Butterfly Trail is suitable for all ages and as many people as you wish can take part. There’s no time limit and it can be done as one large group, you can be split into small teams or pairs or do it individually.


Campfire Circle

We have a campfire circle located by the boating pond which can be used by all groups.

You can either book in advance if you would like to have a campfire circle or join with another group and share songs!

The circle can take up to 50 children comfortably.


Friends Sounds of Music – Musical Play Park

Get musical with your group!

Check out our play park of giant musical chimes, drums and talking tubes! Have fun doing team challenges, making tunes or guessing that tune and use the talking tubes to play “Simon Says”.

Game cards are available at the office in the house. This activity can easily take up to an hour or more for natural musicians and is suitable for groups ranging from 4-30 participants – all ages welcome!



The labyrinth is for anyone who wishes to take time out for reflection. 

Located on the lawn to the front of the main house, you can walk round small stone paths inside a large circular area to try and find the middle – the plaque at the start explains that the purpose of taking part is not finding the middle, it’s the journey you take to get there allowing yourself time to think and unwind. This is suitable for all ages!

There are activity bags available at the office to help you find your way through to the centre.


Nature Detective

These sheets have been provided by the Woodland Trust to encourage outdoor learning. This activity can take from 30 minutes to one hour and can be done individually or in groups. There’s no restriction on group sizes and this is the perfect activity for kids aged 5-10.

Collect your sheets from the front office in the main house for the following activities:

  • Nature Detective – Critters!

Identify the critters at Netherurd from grass hoppers to earwigs and tick off what you find!

  • Nature Detective – Get Twiggy!

Identify the types of trees at Netherurd from holly to Hawthorn and tick off what you find!

  • Nature Detective – Birds

Identify how many different birds you can spot at Netherurd from starling to robin and tick off what you see!

  • Nature Detective – Let’s go looking for Leaves!

Go on a leaf hunt to identify from the sheets how many different leaves you can find.


Small Games

These are available from the activity shed, just come to the front office and the staff will tell you where to go to choose and collect your small games.

These can be used for your whole group for a morning, afternoon or evening free of charge…

  • Baseball Set
  • Cricket set
  • Footballs
  • Giant Connect 4
  • Netball Equipment
  • Quoits – similar to horse shoes, you throw the rope quoits to get as near as possible to the centre and score accordingly (suitable for ages 7-years-old and above)
  • Rounders Set
  • Semaphore Flags – This comes with instructions and you can theme this to suit your group.
  • Short Tennis Set
  • Volleyball set

Wet Weather Shelter

This facility is available for your group to use if you would like to have a disco, indoor campfire circle or just looking for space for some indoor games.

The shelter has electric lighting, electricity points and it is 55ft by 60ft in size so there’s lots of room to run around. Netherurd has a disco ball you can borrow from the front office to add that special colour to your disco too!


Wide games

We have a selection of wide games with instructions available from the office. Just come drop by and ask!


Woodland Walk

Explore the woodlands to see the local wildlife. Spring time is particularly lovely to explore the woodlands to see all the spring bulbs and colours.

The woodland walk can take up to 30 minutes or if you are looking for a relaxing ramble – approximately one hour. This is suitable for all group sizes!