Something a bit different

If having a laugh is high on your agenda, we also offer the downright silly, from body zorbing – bouncing around in your very own inflatable suit! – to Frisbee golf.

  • Body zorbing – Run, roll or cartwheel wearing our fun inflatable spherical suits. The body zorbs cover you from the waist up – leaving your legs free so you can compete in challenging and zany games. Body zorbing is great fun for all levels of fitness.
  • Frisbee golf – Try a Frisbee game with a difference with Frisbee golf! The aim of the game is to get your Frisbee into a series of baskets with the fewest throws, whilst filling in your score card as you make your way around the course. Who’s got the best shot?
  • Caving – Put on your hard hat and get ready to hunt for gold in our new Gold Mine themed caving experience. Crawl your way through the two-level artificial mine with a team of other miners, completing challenges along the way.